Who has already experienced it:
You want to insure your Tiny House and the insurers shrug their shoulders or offer minimal protection at best.

We show you how it can be done differently with our special insurance. This covers not only tiny houses but also caravans or mobile homes.

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The insurance for detached tiny houses. Insured are all extensions such as bay windows, terraces or other parts permanently attached to the Tiny House as well as for its carport, terrace. The same applies to garden sheds, tool sheds, sanitary facilities and SAT systems that are firmly anchored to the ground ( in accordance with use and suitability specifications on the part of the manufacturer). In addition, we offer you a house and Landowner’s or landlord’s liability insurance. This protects you against financial risks.

Fire – Storm – Hail – Natural hazards – Burglary –

Theft – vandalism – robbery – and much more.